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Please check our GitHub wiki for documentation. You can also open this room in the legacy editor or press CTRL+J for the advanced JSON editor.


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From here you can edit the name and color of any player.

In order to switch games, please return to the main server:


There is no saved game in this room. You can save your progress or add games to it and play them with your friends and family by sharing the link.

Bring your own voice chat. We recommend Jitsi Meet because it's free software, runs in the browser and requires no accounts.

Save what you are currently working on?

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If you don't, you can create your own game or add one from the public library:

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The link does not expire.

Keep in mind that you change their game whenever you change this game in your library.

In-progress save games are not included and will stay private to your room.

There is no way for people with this link to find your room.

Internal Error

Your client triggered an internal error on the server and you have been disconnected from the game.

Please open an issue on GitHub and try to describe in detail what led to this problem.

You can try to reload the page. It's very possible that you will run into the same problem again until it is fixed though.

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