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Upload VTT or PCIO files you downloaded from the web.

You can find compatible game files on a geeklist, the PlayingCardsIO subreddit, its database or GitHub.

Please note that PCIO files might not be 100% compatible. Please open an issue on GitHub if a file is unplayable.

If you have a direct link to a VTT or PCIO file (for example by sharing a link from, you can add the game using the link and you will always play the latest version.

Use the current state of this room as a new game.

This is usually used when using Edit Mode to create a new game from scratch.

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This creates a save state of the currently active game so that you can start a different game and come back to this one later. For creating or editing, use the "+Add Game" button or sidebar hamburger icon "Edit" button.


Add variant

The most common use-case for adding new variants to a game is when you are actually editing it.

This button will take the current state of this room and it as a new variant.

If you have a VTT or PCIO file, you can add their variants as new variants here.

You can add a variant from the public library to your game in case you want to combine different games into one or if you want to change the game metadata.

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Keep in mind that you change their game whenever you change this game in your library.

Saved in-progress games are not included and will stay private to your room.

There is no way for people with this link to find your room.

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